Life & Pansion

Smart Insurance for Life Insurance and Retirement

Fortify your insurance team with strength of Business Rules Automation. Thanks to IBM Decision Center infrastructure, entire rules are managed by business teams and IT requirements become minimum. No need to wait.

Let our SMEs interact with your Insurance teams and customize our Life Insurance Patterns according to your needs for establishing always accurate, auditable and transparent Life Insurance processes.

Scope of managed rules:

  • Coverage Authorization Limits
  • Smoking Habit
  • Extreme and Adrenalin Sports
  • Company Ownership and Financial Risks
  • Age, Gender
  • Income, Life Cycle
  • Body Mass Index
  • Medical History, Existing Disease
  • Residential Address
  • Expat Information
  • Occupational Risks
  • Reassurance
  • Economic Sanctions
  • FATCA Rules
  • Product-Based Special Insurance Rules
  • Existing Guideline Audits
  • Previous Insurance Decisions
  • Request History
Smart Insurance for Life Insurance and Retirement