Business Become Much Faster in AgeSA Thanks to Business Rules Automation


JFORCE has delivered AgeSA Sales Mobility- Business Rules Automation Project in order to automate risk assessment process of products under life insurance category of AgeaSA. Life insurance processes have been renewed during the project for meeting the demands of customers. Before this project came to life, documents were communicated to AgeSA risk assessment teams as hard copy and assessments were carried out on paper. All of these documents should have been controlled one by one in order to decide if customers are eligible for criteria or not. Are warrants accurate? Parameters such as nationality, bad habits, decisions to make according to medical reports, body mass index controls, whether records have been assessed by anyone or not and previous results were being assessed one by one from written forms. JFORCE teams automates those manual operations. Therefore, AgeSA both saved on labor and prevented false assessments. Immediate policy creation becomes possible with real-time risk assessment. Applications requiring advanced analysis due to risk level may be transferred to authorization team automatically.

A Week of Work Done in a Minute

JFORCE Digital Business Automation Team Leader Selimhan Ertuğrul sums up the earnings of project for AgeSA and next steps as follows: “A customer wants to buy a policy from you but you can send it to him/her in days. This means a lost customer. Sales representatives may now provide timely and complete service for their customers’ needs by getting the result of risk assessments while they are with the same customer. Separate rules will be formed for other fields in the upcoming days. We have introduced AgeSA business unit a platform to write those rules by themselves. Another important point is that IT teams needed to support when there is a change in risk assessment system and even minor changes could take weeks. We have transferred those rules into a management dashboard. Therefore, a week of work done in a minute. We have saved resources on software development on the other hand.

Nature-Friendly Project Suppoting Sustainable Life and Enchancing Operational Efficiency

AgeSA specific Sales Mobility Project having many features providing unique experiences to customers also brings an innovative approach to insurance sector. AgeSA Software Development Department Manager Özgür Armağan says; “Sales Mobility Platform which has become one of the pioneers at insurance sector thanks to support of JFORCE; is an all-in-one platform where our agencies and other channels have delivered their various financial services to their customers in a secure way. Sales Mobility Platform having biometrical signature features is also one of the initiators of the insurance sector. It also includes features such as document detection and content control by using image-processing technologies. We use IBM Operational Decision Manager (IBM ODM) solution of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation product family for creating real-time risk analysis during insurance operations. Life insurance application form, signature and other information of customers are saved on IBM FileNet Document Management System digitally. While process becomes majorly digital with this project, project team also prepared unique experiences for customers by reevaluating customer expectations. Consequently, this has provided significant increase on customer satisfaction levels. Besides customer satisfaction, other important topic we have put great emphasis on this project was our contribution to prevent pollution. For instance; 2,6 million pages of paper were consumed for 100 thousand policy application (13 tons of paper / 37 trees / 5.2 million liters of water). We are more than happy to support sustainable life and let those numbers and much more to nurture in nature thanks to our investment.”

Author: Baturalp Sağlam