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JForce is not the only project management component for Joomla! We don't claim to be the only option. But we do claim to be the best, and to offer the best service available and a project management system that meets your business needs. JForce is more than just a basic project management component. We took a look at how project management should be used to be the most beneficial to businesses and then wrote a system from the ground-up that met those needs. See just a few of the reasons JForce is the best below. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project-specific information and documents.

JForce provides a comprehensive solution that allows organization of projects, quotes, support tickets, invoices, companies and clients and time tracking. We offer project specific information unique to each project: setup milestones, track progress easily, add project-specific documents and files (with revisions), time tracking on each project task and more. 

More than just projects.

Other systems may allow you to enter project information but that's all. JForce lets you setup access roles so that clients can not only view projects but add tasks (if you let them) as well as see documents, discussions and view time entries if you setup their role for that. But that's not all - with JForce they can view invoices and make payment online. Take project management to the next level by integrating your billing and invoicing.

Completely open-source.

JForce is proud to be completely open-source. Purchase a copy and edit the code as much or as little as you like. We adhere to GNU/GPL licensing and fully support Joomla! CMS and their licensing specifications.

Custom theming and design.

Instead of giving you some weak options and making you select the one that most looks like your website (close one eye, squint just right, and cock your head to the side), JForce provides custom theming and design services. We can make JForce blend with your website seamlessly by using your colors, your fonts, and making sure the styles from your website template merge perfectly with JForce.

Dedicated support and on-website assistance.

We don't just sell you a project management system and walk away. We are dedicated to your success and smooth implementation of JForce into your website. We offer one-on-one ticket support via email, Skype, and even phone if necessary. We also offer on-website assistance to fix any bugs that are unique to your server setup. 




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