The dashboard gives you immediate access to items that are the most important for you to see. Start by looking at upcoming events that you have for the week. Then you can quickly see any new messages in the system that might need your review.

Quickly assign roles to users (both employees and clients) from the company or person page on the front side of the website. JForce will AJAX assign the role and update their permissions all without you ever having to leave the page.

You can quickly see all of your projects as well as a progress meter indicating how many tasks and milestones within each project have been completed. Status and alphanumeric filters allow you to quickly filter projects. The Quick Jump field will take you straight to the overview of the selected project.

JForce keeps your users in the loop by allowing them to engage in discussions. Discussions provide an excellent way to share information on a project. Users can attach images and documents with their replies that will be visible to anyone with access to view the discussion.

Tasks provide a way to establish actual items that need to be done to complete a project. Tasks within JForce have several options that make them outstanding. You can categorize tasks, associate them with milestones, and immediately assign time to a task, just to name a few. Send a reminder or mark a task as complete with a single mouse click on the list view.

Send your clients a quote with detailed information on services rendered. You can apply tax and discounts to services individually. If you need to bill for a service that is not in the system, simply type in the name of the service and a modal window will pop up allowing you to create a new service on the fly. Optional Invoices will be generated automatically when the quote is saved.

Documents are a great way to provide files associated with a project. Users can upload files directly to the document repository of a project. Any attachments on tickets or comments will also appear in the document list. You have full control over which users can create and view documents in JForce.

Each person in JForce belongs to a company and their account is integrated seamlessly with the standard Joomla! user system. Access roles give you full control over what each person can see and do within the system. Your project information will remain secure regardless of a person's Joomla! user level.

We feel that time tracking is an important element in any substantial project management system. With time tracking you can see how much time each employee is spending on a particular task or an entire project. Marking time as billable will allow you to add the time to an invoice.