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The beauty of Joomla! CMS and its components is the ability to add enormous amounts of functionality to the base CMS easily. Start with a simple content management system and add just about whatever functionality you want through third party components and modules and plugins. These extensions are amazing. But they all fall short on one key thing. Design. Every component seems to have its own styling, colors, css, images, etc. We feel this is a problem. Just because you can add all these different components to your website doesn't mean they need to all look unique. The result is a website that looks like a patchwork, pieced-together, incoherent and disjointed website. 

JForce is different. Part of our component involves custom theming. We hold to Joomla! templating and don't break away from native code, however within those boundaries there is immense freedom, through CSS, images, fonts and colors we can alter JForce to blend with the rest of your website. And that is unique. We don't offer a simple "Pick A Color" or "Pick a Theme" that most closely resembles your site and then hope for the best, instead we pick the exact colors, and fonts that you use on your site and fashion a JForce that blends perfectly.

We know the importance of a website that looks good, and of components that blend with your site. As such, we are offering custom theming services to everyone that purchases a copy of JForce. We are dedicated to the success and presentation of your business and will spend concentrated time on your site and your version of JForce to make sure it meets and exceeds your expectations. 

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